Martin Jordan helps businesses to create better user experiences and products that matter. He currently works as a project lead and senior user experience designer for HERE, a Nokia business.

Besides, he co-runs Service Design Berlin and Berlin’s jobs-to-be-done meet-ups. Martin teaches, writes and talks about the intersection of service design, innovation and branding.

previous projects


Vivité – mobile healthcare service | Martin Jordan

The family doctor is not around when you are making business in the Far East, yet the chance of an occurring disease is. Whether for heart cases, patients with unusual allergies or those concerned about a potential interaction of two medicaments, it’s better to have an aware attendant around. Vivité is a mobile healthcare service for traveling professionals who wish their medical record to be within reach. In close collaboration with the entrepreneur the visual brand appearance was developed, interaction flows defined and the user experience shaped. The service is accessible via mobile web apps on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Datatrain Cockpit

Datatrain Cockpit | Martin Jordan

Cockpit’ is an application originally developed for a Stuttgart-based housing association. Their facility managers take care of 18,000+ flats and tenements – from now on by using iPads. Information on tenants, scheduled tasks as well as day-to-day issues can be accessed and managed through a dedicated app, created to make detailed data available while on the way. Created with Thomas Manss & Company, the task included the user experience, interaction and interface design to a redesigned SAP database.

Ambient news

Ambient news app: News float | Martin Jordan

How might we enable office workers to stay synchronised with their personal news stream without task inter­ruptions and lowering produc­tivity? ‘Newsfloat’ is an ambient news app concept addressing this demand. It unites media types from various sources including e-mail, text message and social networks and filters them by personal relevance criterias. Non-distracting consump­tion is allowed through a rigid grid. Fixed positions weight the broadness and publicness of an input while a tap allows the user to dive deeper into a news.

further information

Please find thoughts at length on the blog as well as brief ones on twitter and feel free to contact Martin via e-mail.

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